The Racial Justice Institute is designed for companies, organizations, and institutions pursuing racial justice to advance and sustain equitable policies, practices, and systems. Racial justice differs from traditional diversity and inclusion work; while it differs, racial justice builds on diversity and inclusion to create policies and practices that address systemic, social, and institutional racism. Racial justice also differs from antiracism where antiracism seeks to dismantle oppressive barriers and structures, racial justice goes beyond dismantling policies and practices by creating environments that sustain equity and justice.

The trainings offered through this institute, are designed to introduce participants to the concept of racial justice and engage in interactive activities designed to engage participants in racial justice strategic planning. For advanced assistance with racial justice strategic planning, enroll in the Racial Justice Certification Program.


The Racial Justice Institute provides various opportunities for individuals, organizations, and companies interested in learning more about racial justice. Racial justice is an outcome resulting from strategic initiatives that address racial inequities and injustices in systems, institutions, and society. The institute’s trainings serve as introductory sessions to various components of racial justice including an overview of racial inequities in the U.S., identifying and addressing systemic and institutional racism, and. engaging staff and stakeholders.

Racial Justice Training

Racial justice is defined as the ongoing, strategic initiatives that maintain equitable and just policies, practices, systems, and structures. Achieving racial justice requires an understanding of racial justice and strategies employed in pursuit of racial equity. Research indicates racial justice training requires going beyond traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion that neglect interrogating and addressing systemic, social, and institutional racism.

The Racial Justice Institute has organized a comprehensive series of engaging and innovative trainings that provide companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals effective resources and strategies to lead and engage in racial justice.

Training Objectives

Participants will

  • Understand racial justice and the multiple concepts that frame racial justice including diversity, equity, inclusion, antiracism, and systemic and institutional racism.
  • Learn how inequities and injustices were built and maintained to disadvantage historically minoritized and marginalized individuals, groups, and communities.
  • Gain tools and resources to engage internal and external stakeholders in racial justice initiatives.
  • Identify promising resources, practices, and policies to lead and sustain racial justice initiatives.

For questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail Jobi Martinez, Ph.D., at [email protected].