Top 50 Companies for Racial & Social Justice

Nomination Deadline: November 1, 2021

Since the summer of 2020, Corporate America has begun to open its eyes to the various injustices done to people of color. Our communities are expecting leadership to answer the call to action. Because of this racial justice and equity has grown into a major business imperative, so too has the call to rank companies on their diversity efforts. In fact, many companies covet the rankings on such lists. In a culture that puts significant emphasis on lists and rankings, such lists are the start, not the end of a company’s demonstrated commitment to racial justice. These initiatives are important and we must recognize organizations that are advocating for justice.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to promoting a diverse workplace environment
  • Maintains a record of accomplishments in areas of diversity and inclusion
  • Proven track record of sound policies and practices that support positive social impact.
  • A demonstrated growing commitment to using the power of corporate decision making as a tool for racial justice.

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