Racial Justice Certification

About the Racial Justice Institute Certification Program
The Racial Justice Certification Program provides participants with a comprehensive, two-day, innovative and interactive series of workshops. Workshops are designed and delivered to assist participants in building a racial justice plan that supports and sustains policies, practices, systems, and structures that advance racial equity. Included in the outcomes of the certification program is not only to inform participants but also, prepare and position participants to serve as racial justice leaders.

We encourage engaging in racial justice trainings prior to the certification program. Additionally, antiracism trainings are encouraged. Racial justice is the result of antiracism work; therefore, having a conceptual framework of antiracism is important.

Racial & Social Justice Certified Professional - RSJ-CP
Day 1

In Pursuit of Racial Justice

Module 1: Understanding Complex Concepts: The Path to Racial Justice
Module 2: Identifying the Right Racial Justice Strategies

Understanding Systemic & Institutional Racism

Module 1: The Framing and Counterframing of Race
Module 2: Confronting & Deconstructing Systemic & Institutional Racism
Module 3: The Racial Justice Audit

Racial Justice Capacity Building

Module 1: Building the Racial Justice Capacity Building Plan
Module 2: From Individual to Institutional: Allyship, Advocacy, & Action
Module 3: The Racial Justice Communication Plan: Securing Buy-in & Support

Racial & Social Justice Certified Professional - RSJ-SCP
Day 2

Leading Justice Based Organizational Change

Module 1: Leading Race-Based Transformational Change
Module 2: Empowering Others to Lead: Creating and Maintaining Racial Justice

Racial Justice is Social Justice

Module 1: Addressing Inequity: Transforming the Workplace & Impacting Communities
Module 2: Racial Justice is Justice for All

Racial Justice Capstone

Prior to, and throughout the certification, participants will receive an assignment designed to assist participants in developing a racial justice plan that best meets the needs of their institution. Individuals who choose to go continue on to the capstone have the opportunity to submit items to a team of reviewers to provide strategic feedback.

Racial Justice Certified

Certified Anti-Racism Advocate
With the current socio political climate in America today, recent demands for antiracism and racial justice have gained national and worldwide momentum. Antiracism is the active process of identifying, addressing, or eliminating policies, practices, procedures, systems, structures, traditions, and norms that advance or maintain oppressive barriers for historically minoritized and marginalized individuals and communities. An advocate is one who publicly supports a cause and pushes for change. A Certified Anti-Racism Advocate is one who is committed to educating oneself and others about oppression, discrimination, privilege and antiracism initiatives that combat those things. These people are commited to antiracism on a personal level and understand that it is critical to advancing and maintaining equity for all. The certificate program will engage participants in:

  • Understanding the complex concept of antiracism and various forms of antiracism
  • How to effectively advocate for and begin antiracism initiatives in the various industries one is involved in
  • Recognizing initiatives that place the burden on the individual rather than the institution (unconscious bias versus systemic bias)
  • The business case for antiracism
  • Understanding how antiracism benefits all members of society